status report 1

September 22, 2009
by Connor Gallagher (cg09)

by connor

We met twice. We began considering some topics for research some of which are still a possibility  others do not appear to be suited for genetic programing. the topics we have been thing about are :

1. SAT solvers. We considered using GP to evolve a better SAT solver. This Idea has been abandoned because a SAT solver answers question which  does not have degrees of “correctness” but rather a binary true or false answer.

2. Linear Programing. still a possibility. This project would involve adding new functionality to Push.

3.  Automatic Theorem Proving. Again still a possibility, this problem is attractive because there is a wealth of data  on which we can test our program. We have also been searching our respective mathematical social networks for possible research topics. some literature:

Here is a link to our wiki. Feel free to create your own *Core on the ResearchCore page.

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